Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WIP pictures

Here is a picture of the Pram blanket made from sock yarn. Mr80grit really loves the colors and the project is easy to work on while watching TV. When I was going through my sock yarn parts I couldn't believe how much leftover sock yarn I had. I really wish I had the yarn bands as I have a fellow knitter who is using superwash sock yarn to make a sock yarn afghan.  I promise in the future to keep the bands with the extra yarn or at least a copy so I can share my yarn.

This yarn by Crystal Palace - Panda Superwash is very fun to knit. Pictures just don't due justice to the color. It is shiny but not in a metal way and it really soft on the hands.

Here is the simple sock with the Panda yarn, I am calling it Yule Ball as it reminds me of the colors of the Yule Ball in Goblet of Fire.  I frogged the original sock I started on Sunday as the pattern was lost in the colors. Mr80grit is going to find more of this color or if not a color in this yarn as he really like the feel and the look of the yarn.

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