Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eating Gluten Free

Just a little rant today.

I have to eat gluten free because of having Celiac Sprue. While most of the time it doesn't bother me. I do miss eating at any resturant without thinking about it. But what really bugs me is when I eat at a place that has a gluten free menu and I still get dosed with it. I know that they can't be perfect but I can still be annoyed. This has happen twice this month at a chain resturant at two locations. Thursday night was the 2nd time.

At least I am not getting sick within 20 mins now but still I am sick for several days: joint pain, migraines and stomach issues. All of which are happening today. Yuck! I know that this to shall pass. heehee!

Donuts - I am craving donuts. Maybe I can get Mr80grit to make me some tonight or this weekend as he is the chef in our house. I am the baker but I don't do hot oil.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Horrible..Horrible me

Okay, Christmas has come and gone, I haven't posted in forever. I am horrible about posting. One of the reasons is that I hate our home pc. It is over six years old, it resides on the 2nd floor where we never are. It is time for a new computer but unfortunately that comes after all the dental work that needs to be done this year. Not looking forward too much about that other than the end result ~ a beautiful smile.

I have done some knitting but no pictures. I have got to get better about that. We did get a new printer so Mr80grit is excited about that and may help me take more pictures. We will see.

Currently I am knitting socks for our interim pastor. He is a riot and we will miss him dearly when our new pastor arrives on February 17th. Mr80grit pick the yarn and it took me about 10 days to figure out what pattern I was going to do. I tested toe up socks, they drove me crazy. I defaulted to my favorite 3X1 ribbed socks that I first learned. It took four days for the 1st sock and yesterday I casted on the 2nd sock. Men's feet are sooo big. But they will be done soon.

On another note, my brother has left today to move to Oklahoma for a job. Mrharley dude is back to being MrNeverHome. I will miss him but he is good at texting. He is excited to be leaving the cold temperatures and the snow. But I will miss him dreadfully. He has spend most of his life since High School graduation out on the road and I have enjoyed having him home for the last few years.

I shouldn't burn myself out with the first post of 2008.