Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Night Sky

As we headed out to our favorite place for dinner, I grabbed some quick snaps of the mountains. It was really nice to go out for dinner as we have been to sick since we have returned from Vegas to do much of anything.
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What season is it?

Some days I have to Mother Nature bipolar?
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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Spring Sky

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainy days

Make for sleepy days. It was really hard to get up this morning while listening to the rain. Very pretty outside so I guess it was worth it!
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring Begun...

while I was in Las Vegas this weekend, Spring came to my neighborhood.  I couldn't believe it when my parents were bringing me home. Pink and white flowers on the trees. 

Just a few weeks ago, this tree was full of snow. Today the snows is flowers.  I love how pretty everything looks. My little camera phone can't do it justice. 

Mr80grit and I were in Vegas for a conference. But I did manage to go to the yarn store directly from the airport. It was a cute little shop.  As I always do Mr80grit a pair of socks from our travels, I got some sock yarn that I knew would knit up great for him.  Plus the owner Joyce gave us wonderful advice about were to get gluten free food.  Which was the local whole foods.  The store was bigger than any we have here and the staff was awesome. One girl that helped us, led us to the section and even opened a package of cookies for all of us to taste test.  I haven't had that experience here at my local Whole foods.  It was an awesome experience. So thank you Joyce for sending us there and thank you staff at Whole Foods.

As I always enjoy the conference in the spring, I really didn't get much opportunity to knit, a little on my sock until I noticed that my needles were bent and that is why I was hating the project.  But I cast on for another project on Sunday afternoon.  I will have to take pictures of it and the yarn I bought tomorrow when the sun is out.  I can't remember the last time I had so many projects on the needles.  I guess what my focus will be the next few weeks...finishing at least one. 

While I didn't catch any sun rays, both Mr80grit and I caught colds.  Not fun when you are flying.  I woke up Sunday morning congested but did okay flying home on Monday. Mr80grit woke up this morning with his cold.  The medicine I took earlier is wearing off so I am off to take more and maybe knit a little.  G'night!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally on Friday!

It is time to celebrate. Our nephew finally made his debut. Tonight at almost 12 days over due! Wow my SIL is quite a trooper! Hot Cocoa and peppermint peeps to wish him a very happy Birth day!
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last Day of Spring Break

Today is my last day of Spring Break and it is my official staying in pajamas and watch DVD day.  My fingers are slowly healing. I feel so stupid about how I cut them, I was trying to split frozen bread with a knife and the knife slipped. I know I should have been doing it the way I was and so Mr80grit got to say I told you so.  I never realize how much I used my left middle finger until I cut it.  Tying my shoes yesterday was almost impossible.  Zippers and buttons were also a challenge, so another good reason to stay in pajamas today.  The cuts are not to deep, they are just in bad spots on the side/top of the fingers. 

Mr80grit took me to my favorite LYS yesterday when he got home from work to lift my spirits and helped me find a project that I could do while my fingers heal.  We also stopped and the Lord of the Rings trilogy used so I am set.  I actually only like to watch the last one over and over. 

Yesterday I got to go to lunch with my mom. We had a great lunch at our favorite place.  It is nice that my mom enjoys the same place I do. It makes going out so much easier.  We had a great time catching up regarding her trip to Montana to see her mom and brother.  I was delighted to hear that overall it was a great trip.  After lunch we spent more time in the car talking. It was a delightful visit.  So nice and relaxed.

My nephew has yet to make an appearance. My thoughts and prayers are with my SIL.  I know that she is just miserable.  Hopefully maybe today??? 

Well it looks like the sun is coming out, so maybe pictures of the knitting project for tomorrow's post.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A dumb moment

I had a dumb moment yesterday that left me with with two cut fingers. It is keeping me from knitting. Which limits what I was going to do this week. I guess I will have to think outside the box.
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hsppy Easter!

I am dreaming of a White Easter!
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Saturday, April 3, 2010


Well I have settled in to my Spring Break quite well this time.  I did spent a little over an hour at work on Thursday just to tie up loose ends. I was snowing when I got there but when I left the sun was out and everything looked very pretty.  I took a picture later that day are our way out to meet family for dinner at our favorite place.
We had a lot of fun visiting and eating!
Sure looked like Winter the last few days instead of Spring.  It seems like our weather lately has been confused.  But that is okay with me.

I did get some knitting done the last few days on my second baby blanket.  I have add more colors to this one and Mr80grit is really liking it. I took this picture on Thursday when the sun was out. It has grown more since then.  Plus late last night I found 3 more leftover skeins to use. 

Today I plan to knit more on this and cast on another project as the blanket and the pair of socks I have on the needles is pretty routine.  Maybe a little bit of lace this time! Mr80grit is at band practice today getting ready for tomorrow's Easter services.  My parents are in Montana visiting my grandmother and won't be home until late Sunday night.  I feels strange not to have plans with them for tomorrow.  Mr80grit and I are going to put a Gluten free lasagna together to have for tomorrow, while we may sample it tonight.  Well off to knit!