Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Weekend and Birthday Fun!

Well it happened last week, I turned a year older!  Woohoo!  I did actually accomplish some goals that I set for myself last year but I am not quite ready to share with everyone yet. Sorry, you will have to wait a while longer.
I did have a good birthday day starting with coffee in the morning before work.
It was suppose to snow on Thursday but it didn't.  My first gluten free treat was cupcake cereal. Yes I am still a kid at heart!
It was then off to a busy at times day at the office. I had lunch at work of my usual lunch favorites, cheese, crackers and carrots.
My mom stopped by a little later with a little goodie bag and card.
The hubby came by before the end of work with a card, then went and got dinner and dessert to take to our friends.  It was my favorites Chinese food and flour-less chocolate torte from my favorite restaurant.  
We got to eat and hang out with friends, re-watching my favorite movie Blind Side.

The next day Hubby stopped by again with part two of my birthday gift, a beautiful plant for my office.

I am going to enjoy it each day.  He will be checking to make sure I water it as I am known to have a black thumb.  The pot is red and black. It looks great in my office.  After work we head to a dinner party with friends from church. The food was awesome but didn't get any picture.

Saturday was another busy day, with praise band practice, lunch with the parents at Stella's, a quick buying trip to Unraveled Sheep for needles and sock yarn.  We did audio/visual for a Cub Scout Blue and Gold banquet. That was a lot of fun.  Most of Saturday the weather was winter, with it snowing all day.  It really didn't get deep where we are but Mom and Dad had a foot of snow before noon.
Sunday has been not as crazy but nice and sunny.  Praise band at 8:30 am with both services following. Then it was time to catch up with shopping and lunch etc. Now it is time to do a little laundry, a little knitting and a lot of relaxing before the week starts.  The hubby has his birthday on Wednesday and I need to plan some great things for him too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter is back for the day!

Snow storm came in at dinner time last night. Sure made everything pretty.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sunday Food and Fun

We took a relaxing Sunday off from everything this week after a crazy one the week before. We slept in then went for Chinese Food.  I enjoyed a few of my favorites.

Egg Drop Soup

Lemon Chicken
Yes, the lemon chicken is gluten free as the restaurant I go to uses potato flour/starch I can't remember which one to batter the chicken. It is quite yummy. After we went shopping, picked up a red t-shirt for me and then did a little grocery shopping and head to Mom and Dad's for the Super Bowl. P made spaghetti that was so very good. It was really relaxing to hang out with them and enjoy the food and the game.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Eye Candy Friday

Mom' Birthday flowers and Dad's Get Well flowers from one of their friends.
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Coffee Habit

I have made a lot of comments on facebook about my love of coffee and thought I should share that my obsession with coffee comes from my parents, probably more on my Mom's side as my grandmother is the one who decide at 13 it was time for me to learn to drink coffee. Here is a picture of a wall hanging in my mom's kitchen.
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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January is over!

I haven't thought about the month of January much before this year. It is always the let down month after Christmas and before the family birthdays begin in February. But this year I noticed how dark and ugly the weather is most days. But then I notice that the sun was starting to set later and later each day. Woohoo! The month didn't end very well as some in my family had health challenges so I am going to recap the highlights of the month. 

The best way to end the month is hanging out with friends which we did last night. We ate leftover gluten free pizza that our dear friends got us over the weekend when we were at the hospital with family. I love these two individuals they are definitely family in my book.  So we ate reheated pizza, watched a movie, gabbed and tried a gluten free microwave brownie.  H and I had to put peanut butter on it to really enjoy it. P loved it cause it was chocolate and J had an orange with it. But over all it was a great way to spend a relaxing evening. 

I did complete some knitting projects this month.  One pair of socks that still need to be blocked and then mailed off.  One baby wallaby that needs a traveling companion and then also needs to be mailed off. I have an update off everything on my needles.  I went most the month without socks on my needles but Sunday I cast on a pair as they are the best thing to knit in hospitals, cars..etc.  They will be perfect for the month of February as they are Valentine colored. They are my default sock pattern and should show the color well.
Valentine Sock
Late on Sunday night while just relaxing from the crazy weekend, I joined the pocket on the newest wallaby and now need to work on the sleeves.

JM Wallaby
When I had time this weekend I did work on the baby afghan that is so soft and fuzzy.  I really like how soft it is.
Pink Softee

I haven't had much opportunity to knit on dishcloths for the kitchen as I left the project bag at the office but here is the progress so far. 

Blue Dishcloths
I am hoping for sometime to knit this week. Mom's birthday is Thursday and brother R is making dinner.  R is home for a few weeks, it has been really nice to have him.