Friday, February 26, 2010

Plain cuteness

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Sky

Had a wonderful day yesterday. This morning's sky was so pretty I had to take a picture.
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That time again

Yes I can't believe it is already my birthday again. My mom dropped off this cute little mug and balloon along with a coffee from the local Java place. Yum!

I finished another Baby Surprise Jacket except for the buttons. I have the buttons I just ran out of time this morning to get them sewn on before heading to work.  My mom wanted to see the sweater so I brought it with me to work.  I will add the buttons tonight or tomorrow. Then get it ready to give to my SIL. (if you are family and reading this, please don't let her know, it is a surprise.)

I have started on the fingerless mitts that a friend wants for her band photos.  The yarn is a black/purple and will go great with her black outfit. She is the keyboard player for the band.  I made some Christmas ones for her and her two daughters which they love. I love having multiple friends that love and enjoy hand knit items


I also started a pair of socks for myself that somewhat match a pair I did for Mr80grit.  I didn't get much knitting don't yesterday. In fact none was done. It was one of those nights that you know that you need to go to bed early as you are fighting something, it is just on the edge and a good night sleep will knock it out? That is what I did and now I feel tons better, ready to celebrate the day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Best chips

I found these today at The Store. They are delicious! Perfect little treat and gluten free! I really enjoy the company's website as it makes it very easy to find out if a product is gluten free.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

Big fat snowflakes on Friday

It has been quite a while since snow has been seen while I was at work. But I am enjoying it while it lasts.

Last night I finished up the baby surprise jacket, gave it a bath and set it to block. Just need to trim the ends and gift wrap it for Sunday.
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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursdays Thoughts

Have you ever been sick with a sore throat and haven't want to think let alone speak? That is what has been happening in my world. I got sick this time last week and has taken until today to feel better.  At least I have been able to knit, just haven't been really chatty. Which means I didn't even want to blog. But today is a new day.

I haven't been watching the Olympics, I see parts and pieces but I don't sit down to watch them. I enjoyed them when they were in Salt Lake but really haven't watched them in years.  It is sad but between Twitter and Facebook everyone keeps me up to date. 

Mr80grit was out of commission for a few days this week as he had some back pain. But he when to our favorite chiropractor and is doing much better. He took yesterday off from work and has bounced back wonderfully. 

I am wishing for more snow this winter, I haven't had to really brush snow off my van or deal with driving in a lot so it doesn't feel like winter has really been here. It cracks me up that my family in Dallas/Ft. Worth got more snow at one time than I have had this year. At least my cousins down there enjoy the white stuff.

I have about an hour before it starts getting noisy here in the studio with lessons starting and I think I need to go get some chocolate for the afternoon. Plus that way I can get some sunshine and a breath of fresh air!

Monday, February 15, 2010


I got my shawl back from being blocked.
 I think it turned out wonderful.  I will have to do more pictures when the sun is out and when I can find a model.

Above is the pink baby jacket this morning. I have since finished and cast off. I only need to sew the seams and add the buttons. On Saturday, Mr80grit wound the yarn for one of my next projects along with help pick out yarn for a little sweater for our nephew to be.
I finally remembered to take a picture of the hat that I knitted for myself. I haven't had a chance to wear it yet. But hopefully soon I will.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine's dinner

Having dinner st our favorite place!
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Friday, February 12, 2010

My random thoughts

Today has been a random thought day. From waking up happy just because, no reason I just was. I like those kind of days. Sometimes life can't get better than chocolate for breakfast. (a little peanut butter added for protein).

I have friends and family that love me and a husband that is my knight in shining armor. I live in a country that is awesome, sometimes we forget the price of freedom. It is more than the taxes that we pay, it is in the individuals that swear to defend our freedom. A human life is priceless no matter what.

Today I have had wine from France and wine from Italy with two different groups of people. Both groups are so different but yet they are so much a like. I am truly blessed.

I get to spend most of the three day weekend with my hubby. It blows my mind away to know that I truly get three day weekends now. It wasn't a concept I truly understood last year but I am totally getting this year.

Yes, it looks like the word of the day is : truly.

Love you all! God Bless and good night!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today's chocolate fix

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Thoughts

After a year of doing whatever, mainly sleeping as long as possible until getting ready for work in a whirlwind, I have tried to structure my mornings a little bit.  I know that eventually I will add some exercise to this schedule but for now it is enough. 

I am waking up on my own about 8 am, reading whatever I want until 9 am then knitting for an hour sometimes an hour and a half. Then get ready for the day and leaving to meet my boss by 11:25 am.  This has made me feel very productive the last few days I have half made good headway on the Wedding Reflections shawl and have just the two row bind off to complete this evening.  Then I am done, except to weave in the ends and take to be blocked.  It is quite big and after the last time I blocked a shawl, I promised Mr80grit that I would have someone else do it.  Which doesn't hurt my feelings at all and keeps my back happy!

Mr80grit has made reservations for dinner on February 13th at our favorite restaurant. Mom has promised not to do anything requiring her to go to the hospital like last year.  I am so excited. Normally they don't take reservations for party sizes less than 6 but as it is Valentine's weekend they are making exceptions.

No pictures as there is no good light today as the weather has decided to remind us that it is still winter but with rain instead of snow and gray skies.  It has been a mild winter so far with very little snow in the valley which isn't good.  It doesn't really feel like winter has happening until I have walked through messy sidewalks with at least a foot of snow.  Oh well, I guess I will just have to go up in the mountains to play in the snow.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yes, it is cookies!

 Now I have cookies to go with my tea.  One of the girls who takes lessons at the school has Celiac Disease also. She made me these delicious, hot from the oven peanut butter and m&m cookies. They are yummy! Its not even my mom's birthday but not mine.  I don't think I am going to share these.  One of the teachers already asked and I was like a dog and its bone. Maybe I will share with Mr80grit....he always finds GF goodies for me.
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Year

It was just a year ago when I said goodbye to my longest held job, 13 years and started working 30 hours at week as an office manager for a guitar school. I have to say it has been a great year. While I do miss several of my friends from the old job, I don't miss the lifestyle.  

Now I am much less stressed and I have almost every weekend off to enjoy with friends and family. While we did have to adjust our budget do the cut in salary, it really hasn't been tough at all.  We eat at home more often which is great. Just last night, Mr80grit made wonderful gluten free beef and broccoli. Which is one of my favorite chinsese meals. It made the whole house smell wonderful! 


Today I left the house for a morning appointment but didn't have to worry about having lunch as I have a grocery store just a few doors down from my office which I could grab a few things and eat.  Not the most healthy but it sure was good!  Especially the fruit and chocolate. Yummy!

Now I can wait to see what this next year brings to my life.  Earlier I was remembering how I felt that day that I left my old job for the last time. I was excited but nervous. I no longer feel like I am on vacation from my old job, I have taken a hold of this new life and am enjoying all the ups and downs. But now there are much more ups than downs these days!

I have been truly blessed. I have a job and boss that is great. I even get my own private guitar concerts when my teachers have nothing to do or coming in early like today. Most days I feel totally spoiled. Okay I ready for the coming year.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cup of Tea

It is a beautiful day outside today. The sun is shining and I can see blue skies with puffy white clouds. It is a beautiful way to start the month. But it is cold in my office so a cup of earl gray is called for to warm me up. Now if I only had a GF cookie to go with it. Yum!
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