Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rainy Tuesday

During the transition between winter and spring, is that weird weather. Not quite the warm spring showers but not the frozen blizzards of winter. Today was overcast for most of the day until late afternoon when it started to rain. I love rain almost as much as I love snow.  I love the smell of rain, it is in my top ten of favorite smells/aromas.  Today's rain changed my plans for my post as I was going to take pictures of the socks I am working on and also the baby blanket I am making. 

I love the baby blanket, it is sized for a car seat/baby carrier or pram. It uses leftover sock yarn.  As I am missing most of the yarn bands for the leftover sock yarn it is really going to be interesting when I wash it for the first time.  Plus looking at those around me in my life there seems to be a lot of opportunity this year to give baby gifts.  So I am going to go budget friendly and use what I have got instead of buying a lot of new stuff for now.  I need to build up my stash fund as I want to buy some cashmere for myself this year.

Tomorrow Mr80grit and I have plans to drop off the baby sweater to my SIL. Our nephew is not due until the 29th but according to the doctor will be making an earlier appearance.  I can't wait to meet this little one.  Her other two sons are precious and very boy! They are always fun to be around. Yes, even when crying and whinnying. 

As I see that I might have limited time to knit tomorrow, I must go knit now.  Maybe I will cast on another project, it feels weird to only have two projects on the needles.

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  1. I also love the rain and boy was it raining on my way home from work. But I did notice how all the building in Salt Lake looked so clean from the rain.