Sunday, August 31, 2008

I feel Fall coming.....

with the end of August comes a switch. Yesterday was 99 degrees, today it is cloudy and a lot cooler. As the month and the day closed the weather has become rainy and cold. It is awesome. I love cooler temperatures, the parking lot behind our house is looking a lot like a lake. Tomorrow it is suppose to snow in the 8,000 foot range, so that means a road trip up to Park City and over Guardmen's pass to chase the snow. Mr80grit and I do this every September and October until the 1st major snowstorm in the valley. I know we are strange, we love, I mean, LOVE the snow!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lost a Day...

I seemed to have lost a day. For those who know me very well, know that I have suffered with migraines for years. Do to other medical stuff I can't take the great migraine medicines, so I deal with them in my own way. Lots of caffeine and OTC pain aid. Yesterday I work I had a major one hit, thought I got it under control only to come home and have it hit harder. So Mr80grit, who is great when I don't feel good, sent me to bed, brought me up dinner. Then after food, he said goodnight and went and did his stuff while a went to sleep. That was at 7 pm last night, almost 12 hours later now, I feel a ton better, but am sad that I lost my friday night as I planned to knit and watch a movie. Oh well, life goes on.

It is early Saturday morning, the end of my work week is today. The forecast is for sunny and 100 degrees. By Monday the high will be 62 degrees and rainy - my favorite kind of day!!!! Snow is suppose to hit the higher that means Mr80grit and I will start our annual fall snow chasing adventures. Hopefully I will get great pictures and a little knitting done!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One nice thing about renting...

is that when the refrigerator dies, you inform the landlord. It started off this morning with a pinging sound in the kitchen. The same noise that the rice cooker makes while heating up but I checked and nothing was plugged in that normally makes that noise. So off to work and went. I came home and mentioned the noise to my husband before he went down to make dinner. He had heard it also in the morning but did not think anything about it. However, as it happened, when he went to take things out of the frig to make dinner, he noticed it was warm. He checked the thermometer and it said 55 degrees, then checked the freezer...everything was melted. So off to get ice for the ice chest. Luckily we have a little mini frig upstairs in the bedroom. So we were able to save a lot of things, except what was in the freezer.

In the morning, the landlord will be called and the meantime. We will work around this issue. Thank goodness for the ice chest we bought years ago that keeps things cold for days. Yes, we went camping once with Mr80grit's family once and we need it. Sure has come in handy over the years!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ten Things ...

I like about the weekends (which are Sundays and Mondays).

1. Wake up at the same time as my husband on Sunday morning and getting ready in tandem. It is so funny sometimes as I am a morning person and he is not at all. But he does like Sundays, he enjoys running the sound board at church and loves at the stress and confusion.

2. Meeting my parents and their best friends every Sunday after church at the local steakhouse. It is so much fun to go hang out and reconnect with them. Many of the people we got to church with are transplants and don't have the opportunity to see their parents as much as we do. We see it as a total blessing!

3. Sunday afternoon naps! Need I say more? I didn't think so.

4. Relaxing on Sunday nights with no pressure about the coming day, I can just focus on what is going on around me, whether it is knitting while Mr80grit is on the computer or knitting while watching a series on DVD that we both want to see, or going for a drive.

5. Monday mornings waking up when I want to and doing nothing. Or maybe reading, having breakfast and going back to bed.

6. Catching up on reading my extended list of blog favorites, I have a daily list but Monday's I check out several more.

7. Going to the library to pick up books that I have requested. I do my book requests online and most are ready for pick up on Monday.

8. Having lunch with my Mom at our favorite restaurant, we don't do this every week but any time we want to do something just the two of us. Mom worries about my health and that I don't wear myself out on my days off. Work is pretty stressful right now, so it makes sense.

9. Going to knit at my favorite LYS for a few hours. Which didn't quite happen yesterday as they were doing inventory, but the food was great so I pitch right in. It was a lot of fun, but I am sore in a few areas as it was a lot of different movement than I do in my normal job.

10. Running errands with Mr80grit in the afternoon, as I usually work late on my work days. So it is fun to hang out and do different things.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Loving the new arrangement

I am having a wonderful morning today. I got up, brewed some tea, listen to a radio station online that we can't get here otherwise all while knitting and watching the morning sky. The clouds over the mountains were beautiful this morning. Last night was just as relaxing. I believe I can handle the rest of my busy day at work. It is time to start that part of the day now!

Friday, August 22, 2008

No more excuses

Last night Mr80grit removed all excuses to blog daily. He moved the computer upstairs into our master suite. It was as much for me as for himself. I like to read and knit up here and he wants to be with me and be on the computer at the same time. So with a little organization of the bedroom which is fantastic as now my chair has the view of the Wasatch mountains for me to gaze up at when I pause. It is going to be so much fun to knit, read and watch it snow.

This only works as the kitties have been ban from the bedroom. They are quite activity when we sleep and when life is as stressful as it is, sleep is a must. Oh well now they have full run of the house. I still watch TV downstairs were they can use me as a pillow.

Knitting update did finish Baby socks, still need to take picture. Working on Shawl for friend's bday coming up, better get my needles blazing on that. I have a pair of half hellen socks on the needles for traveling, work, church, etc.

I need to plan some time to hang out with my mom. It has been a while due to being down to one car for a little bit while searching for a new one for Mr80grit. But that is now all taken care of, Praise the LORD! That was a definite answer to prayer!

All for now, pictures to come when everything is finished getting hooked up!

Monday, August 11, 2008

End of my weekend

My weekends go so quickly. Sunday is usually very busy and Mondays they can go either way. Today was different. It didn't feel like a day off for me as Mr80grit stayed home this morning also. He doesn't understand that it changes my day off. I have to admit I have a very selfish routine on my Mondays off. As we have no kids, I do a lot of relaxing on this day. I wake up the same time as I do on a normal day. Then I snuggle down, read a little, have a little breakfast then go back to sleep. I think we all need a little time by ourselves to reflect, it is hard for me to do when he is in bed snoring. So now I am going to start my week and hope that next Monday is mine! It probably didn't help my mood today that I am still fighting a cold, it stays in the background for the most part until I get too tired or accidently get some gluten then it hits like a Mack truck. Not fun. Stress is pretty high at work as we are still waiting for final dates to be given with the time line. Then the rest of us can start making plans. We had already had some people go elsewhere so it makes the workload heavier for the rest of us. But we all know it for a short time. Well time to get some sleep!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sock Mojo

Well if you are missing your sock mojo, I have found it. I have been busy this summer and have finished a few socks while waiting for other things. Only one pair of full length socks. Two pairs of 'Not Pedestrain" Peds from Stitch-n-snitch which I love to make. Must make more.

I also did a half monkey sock from Knitty. Which I want to do again with a more solid color.

I have also start a cowl using some stash yarn. I have a shawl and a wallaby on the needles.

Must go knit....

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Things to think about

Last Sunday was my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Wow, 50 years! They still hold hands and share popcorn at the movies.

We had fun celebrating their day throughout the weekend. It started on Saturday morning with an unscheduled brunch. We were only going to meet for coffee and instead end up having brunch at the parents. It was a lot of fun.

My cousin MommaD sent flowers from her gang with a lovely memory poem (haiku) that dissolved my mom into tears.

Later that day MrHarley arrived from out of state, tickling my parents.

Sunday my parents best friends took them out to lunch to celebrate after church.

My parents received phone calls all day from family!

Sunday night, Mr80grit and I took over gelato and made another little party.

But the big party was Monday night. We all went to a local restaurant as a family. It had been over a year since we all six had gotten together. It was great even OLDBRO made it. Mom at said to me at the end of the dinner, the 50th isn't just for the couple but it also a time for all the family including extended to reconnect. Wow, Mom very insightful.

Today I am thinking more inwardly than last week. You see today is the ninth anniversary since I had open heart surgery. Sometimes I can hardly believe it except for the scar on my chest, it almost seems surreal. So much has happened since that day, but then August 3 comes around and my memory gets sharper. I remember being nervous about the surgery but not scaried. Too many people praying for me and with me. Luckily for me I have few memories of the pain, most my memories of that week have to do with people. My hubby and my parents were so awesome during that time. I have been blessed so much by God, my family and my friends.