Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Random Wednesday

  • allergies are really starting to attack, can we go back to winter, please? 
  • broke down and saw New Moon this weekend, liked it better after listening to the commentary
  • counting down the days until April 1st and the start of spring break
  • mr80grit is in the middle of a spring cleaning fit, so I am doing everything I can to help him
  • mom and dad will be going to Montana for Easter weekend to visit my grandmother for her 90th birthday
  • I am still struggling with the time change, it is so weird to leave work and the sun is out 
  • stuck in a rut in my knitting. same socks on the needles for over a month and started my 2nd sock yarn leftover baby afghan...i really need to find a shawl that I want to do and cast on
  • time to go for a quick walk and get some chocolate!

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