Friday, February 27, 2009

When all else fails...check out what Mom bought!

Okay Mr80grit and I have an opportunity to get our pictures professionally taken tomorrow when I have one taken for work but I need to dress in black. Great I think...I don't own anything black and it was 6 pm on a Friday night on my way to dinner with both set of parents. Mr80grit says don't worry we will find something after or in the morning.

After dinner it was too late but to go to a retail general store. Dressing rooms of course were closed. So bought an option, brought it home, tried it on...great in theory but too small. So back to the store it goes. I walk into my closet thinking, what women gets to this age without something black to wear (okay yes I have a black skirt and black dress but nothing rock and roll). So you have to understand my closet is separated by color not by type. So I wander back to the far back corner of the closet beyond my blues and I see something. I pull it out, and realize it was something that my mom bought for my new job as it is a long sleeved t-shirt with design and a matching black..that she got for nearly nothing. I should have just asked my mom if she remembered buying something for me in black. So now I am set for tomorrow.

Yes for the record almost all my clothes have been picked out by my mom and my husband. They have the patience to shop ( I have absolutely none) for shopping and they are extremely good at it as I have some awesome clothes.


  1. you know i had a feeling there was something in the closet... i am just glad there was...

  2. OH, I hate shopping for clothes! I just don't like the styles they have out these days. You know, I don't think I have anything in black either. Hmmm, no wait. There is that one shirt that I bought for a funeral back in 2001. See, told ya. I hate shopping for clothes.

  3. Mom's are the best! I hope you show us the pictures.