Monday, February 16, 2009

Our Valentine Weekend

--Be aware Medical stitches shown in post.

We started off the weekend on Friday night, which was 12 years since our first date, with dinner at our place. Where we sit at Table 37, with our favorite server named Mike. We had ordered dinner and started to enjoy our evening when it was interrupted by FRIDAY THE 13TH.

MrHarley called to let me know that paramedics where at my parents house as Mom had taken a fall off the couch. After further discussion, it was related that mom was standing on the couch (yes that is right) hanging up somethings on the wall when she fell backwards and hit her head on the wall that separates the kitchen from the family room. My Dad was going to take her the ER as the paramedics said it would be okay.

As I really hadn't eaten well that day, Mr80grit made me eat my dinner before joining them at the ER. Good idea as we were there for several hours. My mom is very lucky. She was bumped and bruised with a long cut on her head but overall she is in good health. She ended up with 8 stitches in one of her favorite colors blue, see below.

Mr80grit and I hung out at the hospital and then went home with my parents. Mr80grit and I are unfortunately the ER pros of the Utah family as I have gotten to the ER many times in our marraige and he only once. But I have to say, if you have to go, take Mr80grit - he just gets things done and answers when you need them.

After a very late night, we woke up to a beautiful landscape of white on Saturday morning. Which both of us love, if you have been read this post for a while you know. It just made the day perfect, after band practice and a bunch of errands, I got a wonderful afternoon nap. We took dinner to the folks house and visited for a while. Overall it was a very nice day.

Mr80grit gave me for valentines my very own Puppy Love, now it just needs a scarf!

Sunday was a day spent with church family and friends and I even got a little knitting in. I will have to take pictures later when the sun is shining.

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  1. Oh my. Friday was an eventful day. I hope your mom isn't feeling to sore by now!

    Love your new puppy love.