Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Coffee and a little knitting.

Good Morning Tuesday! It is a beautiful stormy day here in Salt Lake. Perfect for a little coffee and knitting. A few weeks ago or maybe it was a month ago, Mr80grit moved the coffee pot from the first floor kitchen up to the 3rd floor master bedroom. That was a brilliant idea if there ever was one! Now I brew my own instead of grabbing it at the local coffee shack. (Sorry...must have more coffee....)

I am back...now on to Mr80grit. Since he was so very wonderful during the last three crazy months of my corporate job I thought he deserved another pair of socks so about a week and a half ago we went to our favorite LYS and I let him pick out his yarn. One color for the thank you socks and one color for his birthday socks. So here is a picture of the 2nd sock of the thank you socks. Better know in our house as HP socks, they are Lorna Lace Shepherd Sport color Flames but because of the pooling the color looks like Griffendor House colors.

Here is a close up of the first sock finished on Sunday. He really, really likes them and gives me all the time I need to knit them as he wants to wear them to church on Sunday. Yes, with his Hawaiian Shirt, Shorts and crocs. He is cute and I love him!