Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day Two of New Adventure

Found me flat on my back in bed due to throwing my back out this morning. It has been a very long time since I did it this bad. My mom's birthday brunch was this morning and my bad went out while I was getting ready. So I struggled through it, and even when to work for two hours then headed home.

So this the ceiling in our bedroom.

This is the view on the right side.

This is the left side.

Just please remember we rent so the colors aren't our choice.

I have an appointment tomorrow morning with the chiropractor. So now I just have to get through this evening. Mr80grit is handling my tv viewing choices quite well. I did finish a sock today and casted on another one this evening.


  1. I'm sorry your in pain, thats no fun. I like the wall color and I love your mirror.
    Get feeling better soon!

  2. Um..That sucks. At least you are getting knitting time. I hope you are feeling better really really soon.

  3. I left you a present on my blog!