Monday, February 2, 2009

The last few days in my life.

This last week as been a little surreal to say the least. Thursday was the "BIG" celebration before the first round of layoffs..or as I have come to see it - the first escape. My now former place of work is still one of the best places to work I think in corporate America. The center I worked at was one of the best but that is due to the leadership there. The people that work there are some of the best and I will miss many of them including my assistant.

On Thursday, I didn't say goodbye to her and so she stopped by at my new work on Friday with this beautiful flowers and a card to make me cry.

Luckily she brought her wonderful children with her and they helped us from sobbing all over the place. I have only read the card once so far, I keep tearing up so it will have to wait a few days.

So I decided that night that I needed to leave something to remind her and thank her for all her wonderfulness. So I got a pink cute puppy and knitted it a scarf full of love. Light purple is her favorite color and the scarf has that in it.

I worked on Saturday and left this guy along with a nice note on her new desk as she changed departments. I got very emotional when I wrote the note and when I left it on her desk.

She is a very dear friend and I have said it before and I meant it. I plan on keeping her!

On Saturday, I decided that I would do everything that made me feel good, starting with a huge coffee from my favorite local place. See below, I think this was a coconut ivory mocha. Yummy!

One of my dear employees, bought me lunch from one of my favorite burger joints! We had a nice long lunch. Then at the end of the day, everything decided to break so instead of leaving at 5 pm, I finally left at 7 pm. It was a perfect end. When I went to leave, I saw no one. I grabbed my bags, walked out of the building for the last time that way, I said goodbye to the building and left. It was really peaceful and calm.

Then it was out to dinner with Mr80grit for a fabulous dinner that ended with my favorite dessert, they sure cut me a big piece this time!

Sunday was a nice quiet day spent with friends and family watching the superbowl. (at my new bosses house)

Today I got ready (with makeup) and when to my old work to sign the formal papers and was done by 9:45 am. I got to say goodbye to some others that I missed last week and even saw my dear friend. (We notoriously dressed a like and we did today). I am going to have to come up with a good blog name for her.

Now it is on to the next adventure!

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  1. i am so glad you have escaped the corporate world for something smaller and a whole lot less stressful...and especially a whole lot easier to schedule around.