Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Dentist..Final Step

I finally finished up the last of the work on the top arch in my mouth. I had one crown/tooth that was 'angry' when all my dental work was done in July. (That is was the dentist called it). So it had to go in timeout for a while and so the crown was put in temporarily while it made up it mind. The choice was calm down or root canal. So we waited until today to find out. It came off when I ate a jelly bean last friday and has been waiting until today to go back in. ( I did get it to hold with toothpaste).

So this morning, bright and early it was off to the dentist. After a good cleaning of the tooth and the crown, it was determined said tooth had decided to calm down. Great News and the crown was put in permanently, but what was even better it was done without any numbing medication!!!! (And it didn't hurt!) Yeah!!!!

Good now, I can say 'All Done!'


  1. I'm glad you didn't have to have a root canal. I've had two and I hate them.

  2. A pain free trip to the dentist is a wonderful thing! My root canals are done by a specialist down in Jackson. He is good. So good that I never even got my pain medication prescription filled. A couple of tylenol, and I was good to go.