Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The End

It is finally the end of a very long work week. I am going to enjoy tomorrow by sleeping in, going to the library, going to my fav LYS to pick up Harry Potter Sock yarn. I have a bubble bath planned. Maybe I will even go out to dinner or late lunch with my hubby. That would be nice. Of course, there will be knitting and maybe even some pictures. I finished the Noble Fir socks and have started Toasted Marshmellow Socks. I need to cast on something just for me. Mr80grit balled the yarn for my next shawl.

I will be working a very weird schedule in October as my co-worker is going to be out for a while. She is the sweetest person and I hate that this has happened to her and wish her a quick recovery.

I am still going to the Great Basin Fiber Art this weekend. I can't not wait. I missed it last year and heard all about it and now I got both days off due to other awesome co-workers! I am going to have a ball of fun!

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  1. it sounds like fun at the basin fiber art...cant wait either..