Friday, September 12, 2008

My dinner

At least the day seems to be ending well, not that it has been a horrible day. But the week has been stressful. At work we have been advised about some staffing changes. People are taking opportunities within the company which is great. But they are being moved now and not after the outsourcing. It means that life will be a little more interesting in the upcoming months. Not to worry, I have a great team at home and church to support me through this time.

Case in point: I am trying to eat healthier and my hubby is giving me great support. This was my dinner tonight. It was delicious. My family can't believe it that now I eat fish. Up until about nine years ago, I wouldn't touch it. But things change like life does and I have learned to enjoy it. I normally only eat it when we go out, but I challenged my hubby to learn how to cook it at home. For those who don't know, Mr80grit does the cooking around here and I do the baking. Baking you normally have to stay right with the recipe (my grandma ver didn't) and with cooking you can be more creative. Mr80grit is one of those good creative cookers, I can't remember a time that it didn't turn out well.

Tomorrow is our 11th wedding anniversary along with my cousin MommaD's birthday. It has always been very special to me to have my wedding anniversary on her birthday. It is like a little secret that we share together. I am hoping that Mom and I can go visit her for a few days after my job is over. It would be so much fun to have a girl's vacation. But we will see. Now I have a knitting project calling my name and must work on it!


  1. this is 80grit....the deadline on the knitting project is both a birthday and a season...atleast this time they coincide....

  2. Happy Anniversary you two!!

    I do the cooking and the baking and I rarely ever stick to a recipe with either. Just let it be. Don't have enough butter? Throw something else in there. I've only flopped once. So not bad.