Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finding Snow!

Monday dawned very partly cloudy but within a few hours and awesome storm rolled in. So after the rain hit down in the valley, Mr80grit and I headed out and up the canyon to Brighton and Solitude. Halfway up we saw it...snow. At that moment we also realized that the camera was dead and had to use the cell phone camera instead. So the pictures aren't the best, but hey it was the first of September and we had snow.

After going up and watching it snow, we stopped and had lunch at place that locals love. We have stopped there before as they have the best hot chocolate anywhere. I had a wonderful cobb salad and Mr80grit had an awesome hamburger. By the time we got down the mountain most all the signs where gone in the valley that a storm blew through, however, there was snow on the mountains. That is good enough for me. Hopefully all this moisture will helps us have a beautiful fall again like last year.


  1. this is 80grit...if anyone else has watched "the Gilmore Girls" then you to will understand how much fun snow is....

    also..when it is hot...who wants to snuggle with another person when you cant even stand to be in your own skin because it's just too warm...

  2. Yeah snow!! Here it was 95 out all weekend and bright and sunny. I was hoping for your kind of weather. Huh, Don't know where that hope came from. We won't have a shot at snow until December or January.

  3. Chel is the biggest Gilmore Girls fan! WE LOVE SNOW too!!