Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Not enough Chocolate..

When you need it most. It usually hits me at work in the afternoon, especially when I forget to pack any good kind in my lunch. SF jello pudding sometimes just doesn't hit the spot. I need just a little piece. I don't carry change at work so I am not tempted to buy a big bar of chocolate as I am trying to eat healthier. I always plan for a little chocolate each day. But sometimes when I am overly stressed by toxic people at work, I need a little more than I have on hand. Like today, I totally left home without was a very long day until I could get home and have one delicious piece(s). I feel much better now, and now I am ready for a healthy dinner. Maybe I will have another piece after dinner.


  1. CHOCOLATE.....CHOCOLATE.....the words that many have pondered upon to the point of uselessness....