Monday, September 22, 2008

First Day of Autumn

Today was the first day of Autumn. The weather was perfectly Autumn this morning. Light rain with snow in the mountains. As I love rainy days but a cold was trying to keep me down so I didn't get any pictures of the weather taken today. However, I did finish Mr80grit's Toasted Autumn Socks.

As you can see, Mr80grit already enjoys them. Now I just have to block them for Sunday!


  1. i love having custom socks being made..ever since my achilles tendon severed and repaired my right leg swells up pretty good by the end of the day..these socks don't limit my circulation....

  2. Nice socks. It doesn't look like the striping/pooling was effected much by the size adjustment.

  3. Hope those are Mr. 80 Grits legs!!!