Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Work Week....

The week started off so well, snow! But then it was back to work with two slow days, then Thursday it started to speed up. My work depends on mail volumes, the first of the month is busy but Friday we got clobbered, just like I forecasted. But added to that was a system issue that increased the manual work that day, Saturday and Sunday. So normally I have off Sundays but with this much work, I volunteered to go in today for a half day. Not to bad, hopefully they will have a better day tomorrow so that I can rest and relax and get ready for my week.

So to sum up, no pictures of WIP's or outside pictures. Maybe more this week!


  1. hmmm...
    wip -- wife is pleased
    wip -- work in progress

    they both work; dont they....

  2. Your husband's comments are an excellent addition to your posts. I hope your week is a bit quieter!