Monday, July 7, 2008

My World Changers Update

Day Whatever, I don't know if I am so tired that I don't know what day of the project this is or what. I am having a great time and have met a lot of awesome people since this started. Today the crews started work .

It is so amazing what they have accomplished. I have added the official link to world changers salt lake on the side. Go and check out more photos.

I am getting a little knitting done today as I am helping out in the office, answer questions, errands etc. I hope to complete at least one of my socks by the end of the week. I turned the heel this evening and now working on the gusset.

Time for some sleep. This is so cool.

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  1. I saw this on the news this morning and thought how wonderful todays kids are to volunteer their summers. Good work!