Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things I have Learned this week

What an exciting week this has been and a very busy week. I learned to make sure that I moderate my comments as some individuals are not polite. Which is so very sad!

I have learned a lot about posting as I have been updating the world changers blog and inserting multiple pictures. Of course, it didn't figure it out until tonight. Sean will probably go back and edit the postings better when he has internet again.

I also learned how to take pictures on a Canon d-40 or X-40 I don't know the total name of the camera but I did fall for the camera. It is now on top of my wish list!!! It was so much fun to take pictures with and yes some of the pictures on the world changers blog are one that I took. Of course, not the ones that I am in.

I have made some really good friends this weekend not only on the staff but also from some of the groups taking part. I hope that they will come back next year so that I can work with them again as they are so very awesome!

On a side note Mr Harley Dude is moving back home at the end of this month. I am so very excited! I love to have all of my family around especially at the holidays. He is taking a job up here which means I can knit him warm things for winter that he might actually wear. Maybe?

Well we got home early tonight and I need to take advantage of that and go to sleep! So hopefully more pictures and such later!

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  1. I'm so glad your week went well and you had so much fun!! And that you are posting so regularily now :) Its nice to know how things are going for you !!