Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All is Well

All is Well is the phrase found in every note from my brother Mr Harley Dude. This is what we tease him will be on his tombstone. I have two brothers both are older than me. Mr Harley is the one closest to me in age. He was my first pal, my first hero after my dad. Mom has a picture of us when I got my first tea set. My first 'guest' was my brother. I have called him many things over the years. Mister Reliable, Roggie, and Pain but he has always been there in spirit if not in person. He traveled to come to my wedding and even stood up with the best man.

So why you ask this ramble about my brother? You have to know that my brother loves to give gifts especially to my parents. From appliances to trips to Alaska, he has done many things over the years. Sometimes he lets me in on it, usually the wrapping part. This last weekend was a gift for my parent 50th wedding anniversary. My parents car of 15 years finally died a great death, 1st the a/c then the steering. So the search started on getting a new car, Mr Harley wanted to help a little. My wonderful parents wanted him to save his money.

So Mr Harley called on me and Mr 80 grit to help him help them. So once the type of car was decided on, we added it for him. This is sounding a lot easier than it was- Trust me! But in the end it all worked out. Mr Harley got to surprise them and I am once again the sneaky sister.

Old Car

New Car


  1. That sounds like a good way to get things done. I like your brother :)