Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Fun

Okay, starting your day by going to the dentist: not fun. But my bite was fixed so that I can eat almost anything now which is great. Two more visits left, one to use a computer to validate my bite and one more to permanently glue one crown on that is on just temporarily due to the fit.

The fun: going to my favorite LYS directly from the dentist. Chatting and knitting the best things to do in the afternoon. Mr80grit joined me and convinced me to buy some Noro sock yarn for a friend's birthday shawl. So I did! Very fun!

Then we went and checked out a new grocery store here in SLC, it is farmer's market based. It was awesome. Yummy produce and a ton of different brands and options of gluten free foods that you can't find anywhere else (yes even more than the national organic store we have). So dinner was a tasting experience, miss on the pizza but hit on the Vanilla Chai ice cream by Stoneyfields. Must have more of that!!!!

Just two more days of this vacation and work has tried to creep in a little but mr80grit is keeping me busy with other things so that I can't focus on them. He is so awesome!

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  1. I'm so glad the dentist went well! You sound like you are feeling much much better.