Monday, July 14, 2008

Yarn Quest

Saturday began the Yarn Quest, with six yarn shops ranging from Ogden to Orem. So after a good sleep in, off Mr80grit and I went to Ogden. It had been years since I had been to Ogden, we have been by it many times on the way up to Maddox or Preston, Idaho. But to go there as the destination - never as a couple and only once since I finished at Weber in 94-a football game in fall 94 or 95.

The yarn shop is in historical 25th street, it was cute and had a lot to offer. I did get a little sock yarn stash. We had a great lunch at the place next door. I totally forgot to take pictures, I need to like my camera again. I really enjoyed the one I used during the week.

We drove up to the university and I saw a lot of changes had taken place since I when to school. Made me a little sad but change happens that is just the way of things.

Day #2 of Yarn Quest-local shop in downtown SLC. I like the shop and have been there many times but I believe you only have one LYS home and that for me is unraveled sheep. But I did find some great sock yarn there and a quest that I had been looking for was completed-now just to knit up the huge socks by Christmas-as that is my goal.

Today I am going to two of the shops, one very close to home and one on the way to dentist. Yes, hopefully this will be my last trip to the dentist in sometime. I would like to keep it to every six months and no more!

The quest calls!

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  1. Yay! Stash enhancement is good for you especially when you have to go back to the dentist. I have to go tomorrow. bah. Good luck!!