Monday, January 26, 2015


Friday always sneaks up on me, I work earlier that day and it always seems the hardest day of the work week to get up and going. It was a pretty normal Friday that finished up with Preston making spaghetti and garlic bread and we actually enjoyed a date night it at home.  Schedules have changed for the girls so we will see them more on the weekends hopefully.

Saturday morning was extremely rough for me, I needed extra help waking up and mr80grit was chatty which made me want to duck tape his mouth.  But coffee soon made me a human. Band practice was busy and done before I knew it. Then it was time to wrap gifts and head out for a baby shower. I love knitting gifts that the receiver is overwhelmed with delight.  Both mom and dad to be were ecstatic about the gifts. We finished Saturday night off with dinner with Preston's parents at our favorite place! Before calling it quits for the night I did finish my first pair of toe up socks.

Sunday was busy with two church services with lunch and a meeting afterwards.  It was quick and fun but a horrible migraine brought me down in the afternoon. I rallied back later by casting on a baby sweater and after ripping back to the 6th row was able to knit into the night. I also cast on new toe up socks at church in the morning 

 I think I am ready for the new week. Monday is suppose to be in the mid 50's. Really would like a good snow storm, but it looks like the best we are going to get it rain maybe.

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