Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Letters

Dear Winter,
While I have been enjoying the sunny days, I need snow and cold days so that I can wear my woolies. Also I am not a fan of bugs and if we don't get colder days for longer time I fear we will be overrun this summer.

Dear Pattern Writer,
I love that you have made a mystery knit a long for socks. However, I wish that you would use standard abbreviations and charts. While I love seeing what the other knitter have completed, your pattern is not fun to knit and has been frogged.

Dear Pookie,
There are days that amaze me that you still hang in and love me.  I appreciate the little things that you do for me, like the unexpected chocolate caramels last night.  They mean as much as the big things. As we have entered a season of changes, you are my rock and my love.

Dear Fergie and China!
My little four legged sun worshipers! Thank you for the cuddles this week, especially this morning when things were a little rough for me.  Your cute voice and happy purrs make me smile.

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