Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The way I watch football

So last night was the first college football playoff finale with Ohio State defeating the Oregon Ducks.
I spent most of the game trying to knit on my baby afghan.  Which was hard as I was talking to the players on the tv. I love Oregon, I just wished they would have been able to capitalize on their drives.
More football coming this weekend as the NFL playoffs continue, my Cowboys are out and now the Seahawks and the Packers will be playing to see who goes to the big game.  Hopefully by then the afghan will be done and I can do simple sock knitting which is easier to do on big games.

As I wasn't prepared for yesterday's really cold and wet weather, not I am feeling under the weather. I am dressed better today and hopefully will rally quickly.


  1. I'll be rooting for the Seahawks, because Earl Thomas is from my home town. His is an amazing story. His mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer, and the doctors recommended a hysterectomy. She went to her church and they prayed over her. When she went back to the doc, she was cancer free. Shortly after that, she got pregnant with Earl. Because of this, she always called him her miracle baby, and told him he was destined for great things.

    1. Seahawks are who we will be rooting for also. I love the town, my friend Em is from Washington.