Friday, January 16, 2015

Socks Down, Socks Up

Last night I had no focus to do cables, so I finished my first socks of 2015. Then instead of going to work on the afghan, I found myself casting on new socks, these will be a new thing as they are toe up. I have tried once before to do toe-up and I failed. This year again on my list to learn was toe - up. So I first tried the turkish cast on which I will try again, then I did the Jenny Magic Cast on. I am doing a MKAL  for the toe-up sock. The 2nd clue came out on Wednesday, so I am a week behind.

The mystery sock will have cables so I am excited to see what happens.


  1. I'm not much of a toe up person myself. I prefer cuff down -- I guess because that's the technique I learned first and am most comfortable with.

    1. I am normally a cuff down because I never liked the toe cast on but I want to make some just to see, plus this MKAL is toe up, I don't like the rounded toe either, wish it was square.