Monday, July 8, 2013



We had a great time this weekend. On Friday, we heading back up to the campsite. It was so green, we stopped at the diner for dinner. It was good timing as a storm hit while we were there. When we left it was done.  It rained at night but during the day on Saturday it was beautiful.  On Saturday night, a big storm rolled in. Preston and Amy finished cooking our tin foil dinners and made dutch oven cake while Emily, Bear and I stayed warm and dry in the teardrop trailer.  This was a much needed relaxing camping trip. I finished my book for book club today. We were very relaxed and happy when we headed home yesterday late afternoon.

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  1. Is that a tiny camper I see in one of your pictures? If so can you share the brand? I love camping but am tired of the whole tent sleep on the ground concept - shoot me I'm getting older!

    Your camping trip sounds heavenly!