Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vacation day one

We took our time last night packing for our trip but it helped us hit the road relaxed. After work yesterday, we kicked the summer break off right by starting with dinner at our favorite restaurant Stella's with Amy and Em. They helped us pack up and Amy kept me sane. They saw us off which made us feel so loved. It is going to be so weird to travel without them. Plus they didn't laugh too much when we came back 15 minutes later as we remembered something we forgot.

We traveled to Burley, Idaho got a room at a hotel only to find people in it and the motel completely book so down the road to Twin Falls is was and we found a room quickly and off to bed it was.

Today we will continue our journey to Oregon.


  1. I couldn't believe it when I heard that familiar sound of Van doors opening and closing! I'm glad you remembered but for goodness sakes we were trying to get you out of here :) So glad you are on the road and ready to have a great vacation! You deserve it.

  2. And I just caught that there were people in the room in Burley! That is sooooo crazy! I've never had that happen! So strange!