Friday, July 26, 2013

Vacation day seven - down the coast

We woke up to a beautiful day, a little chilly and a little dew on the tents. After coffee, we did the slow pack up allowing the parts to dry before packing. But soon we were on our way.

We traveled to Newport, making stops along the way. Ate lunch at the Chalet which had gluten free options. Then we set out to find a motel. We found an inexpensive one and then ser out to explore the town. We found the old Baytown and walked its street along the pier.  We like how the stores were very different from each other and that we could see workers on the dock. We had a coffee while we finished our walk.

We took a scenic ride around the port that lead us to Toledo, Oregon. A few minutes later we were back in Newport.

Preston found a great restaurant at the sea side for dinner. It wasn't in any of my lists but it had a great gluten free menu. We had a table at the window and enjoyed a filling and wonderful meal.

Back at the motel, i finished the second sock and cast on another pair with yarn i brought along with me. A shower ended the day.

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