Monday, October 5, 2009


My Mondays are so very different than they were last year. Last year I had a very corporate job that was in transition. My department was being outsourced and many things were changing, October was a very crazy month last year. Mondays were typically my day off from work but during the transition I worked many of them.

Now my Mondays are relaxed. I sleep in until 9 am, wake up slowly. Read a little, spent a little time on the computer, drink some coffee. Then get ready for my day. I work only 6 hours a day, come home have dinner with my husband and spend time with him. 

I ran into someone the other day who hadn't seen me since I changed jobs. They almost didn't recognize me as I looked about 10 years younger. It is amazing was lack of stress and enough sleep will do. I think back and can't believe I allowed myself to be that stressed.  How did Mr80grit put up with me? But he is a lot happier these days too!


  1. It sounds like it was a very good thing that you changed jobs! I'm thinking hard about changing my job in January!

  2. That is really good to hear! I'm happy for you...and Mr. 80Grit!