Saturday, October 3, 2009

Two shawls and a ton of socks later

I think I have a wool hangover. Last night I wash all my wool socks. That was the easy part. After that we blocked two shawls.  Even with Mr80grit it took a couple of hours.  Less than half way through this process, Mr80grit asked, isn't there that person we met at knit night at our LYS that will do this?  I couldn't blame him, I am not a happy blocker.  Bending over whether it is the board on the bed or on the floor my back starts killing in moments and I get very cranky. So maybe the next one I will take it to the wonderful lady.


  1. But its done now! I hope anyway. I just keep reminding myself once I do it then its done and I don't have to do it again until I knit something else needing blocking...

  2. That's a lot of work but it done and just in time for this freezing cold temp we are having!