Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday before Thanksgiving

So question, if work starts putting up Christmas decorations up on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving is okay to start at home? Hmmmm.....

I promised myself this year I wouldn't put any Christmas decorations up until the day after Thanksgiving and Mr80grit and I are doing just that. The tree is still in its box and the new stuff is in a pile still in their bags in the corner of our bedroom.

I am getting excited about this Thanksgiving even though my parents bowed out of going to my in laws with us. Which I am okay with now. We are going to have a roast beef dinner as a family tomorrow night! But what really excited me is that my mom in law called on Monday and asked where she could pick up some gluten free bread as she wants to stuff the turkey. I have to say that my mother in law has done a good job making sure I can eat Thanksgiving dinner at her house. My parents accidentally floured the turkey bag last year so there was no turkey for me to eat. Oh well! At least there is Charlotte's bakery pecan pie! Yummy!!!!!

Tomorrow is going to be fun. Mr80grit has the day off because pre-new job we were going to have the day off together. Now it is just the morning off together, but that is still exciting!!!

In preparation of the holidays and colder weather I washed all of our handknit socks up along with two gift pairs and decided I need to do that before they are all dirty next time. That was a long process this evening.

I am still fighting my cold, but my back is doing better. I threw it out of whack yesterday coughing. Not fun! I am hoping to get some pictures this weekend to post. I don't like posting without a picture, but oh well life goes on.

Have a wonderful night and an awesome Wednesday!


  1. i'm glad the back is doing better tonight...

  2. We always put up our Chirstmas on Thanksgiving but with my house not being done yet it makes me sad that it will be another two weeks before I can see my tree again.
    Get better soon and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I refuse to put Christmas decorations up until the day after Thanksgiving. That's what I do instead of fighting the insane mobs at the stores.

    I hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving, and all the gluten free stuff you can eat!