Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When Tuesday feels like a Monday

Today felt like a Monday at work. It was one of those early morning meetings that was totally pointless. When are they (the powers that be) realize we don't want to hear all those plateaus about "when a door closes, a window opens....". I am sorry but gag me. Enough is enough, stop trying to make us feel better about losing our jobs. Even though I am excited about the change of jobs, I am sick of everyone else outside of our area trying to make us feel better. Just feed us chocolate and let us do our job....sorry I am ranting. It was just one of those days. Probably again this could be all fixed with some MORE peanut butter and chocolate.

Mr80grit decided I deserved a better dinner than my normal chili ( I am on a very weird kick right now). He has gone to my favorite restaurant. (sorry no web page). For my favorite meal. I took the picture below a year ago when eating there. This restaurant even stocks gluten free beer for when the need arises.

So now it is time to eat chocolate, knit a little while waiting for food.


  1. 80grit...signing off to get chocolate and peanut butter....

  2. Such a thoughtful guy. I'm glad your day ended better then it began.

  3. What a great guy hope things are looking up!