Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Snow in the morning

Well three days ago I took pictures of beautiful rain soaked landscape with brillant fall colors. This morning it was cover with a layer of white. It is always an adventure when we have our first storm in the valley. It makes the commute long and nerve racking sometimes. I had a pretty easy time into work as the light was better. But coming home it was dark and people drive even worse. Everything as a deeper cover of white and the sidewalks around my place are wet but not snow packed. So it looks like the perfect storm.


  1. lets just say that she has the covered snow on the roads in the morning..just my car...

  2. Yay! Snow. I am living vicariously through you too. It was 70 odd degrees here today.

  3. Hey! What's that white stuff all over the place? Did some blow up a shaving cream factory?

    Seriously, though...nice photos. We so seldom get snow down here that I always enjoy seeing photos of others' experiences with the white stuff.

    It was 80 here yesterday.