Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last Sunday to Work

Today was the last Sunday I am scheduled to work this year!!!! I am hoping that I won't have to work anymore at all, but we will see how January plays out.

So I had to drop off the half and half at church on my way to work as Mr80grit forgot it this morning so I took some picture on the way to work from there.

Then I decided to take some on the way home as the clouds were awesome!


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  2. and hence, i see another use for cruise control...

  3. Lovely pictures! The clouds are awesome.

    I know you're glad to be done working on Sundays. I would be.

  4. When I got up on Sunday and took the dog for a walk I thought for sure it was going to snow but then the blue sky came out!

  5. I love the picture where the sun is just peeking through on the mountains.