Tuesday, November 4, 2008

At least one piece of good news today...

I won't be getting a 30 day vacation after my job ends as I got a new job already. I am really excited about my new job. I will be training this month and next. January will be a little bit of a juggle as I will need to work there more but it will all work out. Then February it will really begin.

Mr80grit and I went out tonight, ignoring the election as I just can't handle listening to the news. So after we voted, we played. We both got new shoes and had a great time at Gateway - Salt Lake's outdoor mall. Then dinner at our favorite burger/fries place. Tuesday is our date night and this one was a lot of fun. We ending up looking at Christmas decorations - love the holiday. (ps. my new job closes two weeks for Christmas..gotta love it)


  1. yes we had a blast..yes we totally ignored any news reports..

  2. That is excellent news.
    (my word verification is coment, them almost spelled it right)

  3. Hi! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! How very exciting. Where is the job? When do you start?