Monday, August 11, 2008

End of my weekend

My weekends go so quickly. Sunday is usually very busy and Mondays they can go either way. Today was different. It didn't feel like a day off for me as Mr80grit stayed home this morning also. He doesn't understand that it changes my day off. I have to admit I have a very selfish routine on my Mondays off. As we have no kids, I do a lot of relaxing on this day. I wake up the same time as I do on a normal day. Then I snuggle down, read a little, have a little breakfast then go back to sleep. I think we all need a little time by ourselves to reflect, it is hard for me to do when he is in bed snoring. So now I am going to start my week and hope that next Monday is mine! It probably didn't help my mood today that I am still fighting a cold, it stays in the background for the most part until I get too tired or accidently get some gluten then it hits like a Mack truck. Not fun. Stress is pretty high at work as we are still waiting for final dates to be given with the time line. Then the rest of us can start making plans. We had already had some people go elsewhere so it makes the workload heavier for the rest of us. But we all know it for a short time. Well time to get some sleep!

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  1. Hey Little Cous! Hope you get a day all to yourself tomorrow :) Love you!