Wednesday, August 27, 2008

One nice thing about renting...

is that when the refrigerator dies, you inform the landlord. It started off this morning with a pinging sound in the kitchen. The same noise that the rice cooker makes while heating up but I checked and nothing was plugged in that normally makes that noise. So off to work and went. I came home and mentioned the noise to my husband before he went down to make dinner. He had heard it also in the morning but did not think anything about it. However, as it happened, when he went to take things out of the frig to make dinner, he noticed it was warm. He checked the thermometer and it said 55 degrees, then checked the freezer...everything was melted. So off to get ice for the ice chest. Luckily we have a little mini frig upstairs in the bedroom. So we were able to save a lot of things, except what was in the freezer.

In the morning, the landlord will be called and the meantime. We will work around this issue. Thank goodness for the ice chest we bought years ago that keeps things cold for days. Yes, we went camping once with Mr80grit's family once and we need it. Sure has come in handy over the years!


  1. That is a nice thing about renting.

  2. Very non-renting or knitting related (though I also rent and there are a few perks:-), but I just wanted to thank you for the comment about our little Jacob and your prayers for him. We are at UNM Children's Hospital, where we were flown from our home because of its amazing NICU, so at least in the medical care he is receiving, I'm confident! Things aren't looking great right now, but we're trying our hardest to keep faith...thanks so much again!