Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall is Coming!

I am so very excited. The weather is trying to cool down and the leaves are starting to change. I love Fall and Winter. They are my most favorite months. I love snuggling under a fuzzy blanket while knitting away at whatever project is going on. I am still working on the scarves but I have started to dedicate my time to just one at a time and have made great head way on the IHS.

Saturday night I gave my sister in law her shawl/scarf for winter. By her response I believe it will be a big hit. She is nine weeks away from her due date. She is just too cute for words. She looks fabulous and currently has a beautiful hairdo.

She really loved the baby socks that I put in the package. Everyone should have a pair of hand knitted socks!!! So before nephew to be is born, he has some. Pictures will eventually follow as soon as the computer at home is back online.