Thursday, September 13, 2007

10 Years Together

Today is our ten year wedding anniversary. Wow! In some ways this blows my mind. How did ten years go by without me noticing? On Monday, we were at the Dentist and the hygienist asked how long we had been married. Pookie replied 10 years this week. She was quite surprised as she thought it was a short time. True, we probably act like newly married because we still love to hang out with each other and we still think that the other is pretty awesome. In this ten years we have gone through a lot. Life is not a smooth journey but it would be boring if it was. Pookie is the best guy you can have as a knitter. He loves texture and color. He has a good eye for what looks good on people and remembers the colors they like to wear. Which is really great when picking out projects for Christmas. But like most knitting hubbies, he still doesn't have a pair of hand knitted socks. Oh well, maybe after Christmas.

Knitting update: still working on both scarfs for Cousin's birthday. I am calling them the north and south scarves. As one is blue and the other is gray, cimarronboy can chose which one will win. I love both of them.