Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yarn Along - Four Corners

I finished last week's book and last week's afghan. The green four corners afghan did go to the little baby girl after I posted a picture of it on Facebook and her mom liked it immediately. I was able to give it to the precious new baby girl and her parents on Sunday. They were blown away to find out the afghan was for them. They love greens and this fit perfectly.
So what am I reading and knitting today? Well on Saturday, I found out about a baby shower for another friend on the 23rd of March. This time it is a baby boy, so off to my yarn store to start another four corners blanket.  
I also started Let's Pretend This Never Happened on Monday while at the dentist. ( I have spend way too much time and money at the dentist).  I have laughed a few times and can't wait to see where this book goes.
I have put the socks I was knitting in time out to focus on the baby afghan with the speedy deadline.  But then I couldn't help myself I cast on the replacement hat for my Em.  I knitted her a simple hat at Christmas but it was way too big, so I told her any hat she wanted.  She loves this one that I did along time ago but both her and Amy have loved it to death and needs to be replaced so on Monday I started one for her
So what are you reading? and what are you knitting? Joining Ginny


  1. What a great blanket! I love the cover of that book - I'll have to add it to my "to-read" list!

  2. Love the blanket..I will look for your book..thanks for sharing:)

  3. That is a gorgeous blanket! I love the colors.