Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten on Tuesday

Today, Carole asks us What We Miss From Our Childhood.  Here's what I miss:
  1. My grandparents. I miss the time talking with them and spending time with them. Many times as an adult I would loved to ask their advice. I got to spend some great times with not only both set of grandparents but two great-grandmothers.  One of my great grandmothers taught me how to crochet and I have her crochet hooks. Each time I use them I think of her.
  2.  Saturday morning cartoons. They just don't make them like that anymore. I loved Tom and Jerry, the Roadrunner,
  3. Camping/Motorcycling trips. My family would go to on the long weekends and some of the short weekends of summer with friends. Even my mom would ride a motorcycle on the trails.
  4. Summer camp. It was church camp from about 5th grade on. It was always as great time!
  5. Playing in the sprinklers with my friends.
  6. Recess..three times a day outside to just run around
  7. Christmas magic.  The magic of Christmas and how long it took for Christmas to actually get here.  Not like now where you seem to blink and it is here.
  8. Roller skating on Saturday afternoons. I had the best skates with pink pom-poms!
  9. Road trips. I loved taking over the backseat and going everywhere with my parents and brothers.
  10. Riding bikes in the neighborhood. I loved my neighborhood when I was a kid, Everyone had a bike and we would ride up and down the streets all day it seemed.


  1. I forgot about playing in the sprinkler. That was so much fun! Great list :-)

  2. i forgot about the sprinkler too and the all day biking too. love that piclol!