Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursdays Thoughts

Have you ever been sick with a sore throat and haven't want to think let alone speak? That is what has been happening in my world. I got sick this time last week and has taken until today to feel better.  At least I have been able to knit, just haven't been really chatty. Which means I didn't even want to blog. But today is a new day.

I haven't been watching the Olympics, I see parts and pieces but I don't sit down to watch them. I enjoyed them when they were in Salt Lake but really haven't watched them in years.  It is sad but between Twitter and Facebook everyone keeps me up to date. 

Mr80grit was out of commission for a few days this week as he had some back pain. But he when to our favorite chiropractor and is doing much better. He took yesterday off from work and has bounced back wonderfully. 

I am wishing for more snow this winter, I haven't had to really brush snow off my van or deal with driving in a lot so it doesn't feel like winter has really been here. It cracks me up that my family in Dallas/Ft. Worth got more snow at one time than I have had this year. At least my cousins down there enjoy the white stuff.

I have about an hour before it starts getting noisy here in the studio with lessons starting and I think I need to go get some chocolate for the afternoon. Plus that way I can get some sunshine and a breath of fresh air!

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  1. It cracks me up too that we've had more snow then you in just one day.