Friday, February 12, 2010

My random thoughts

Today has been a random thought day. From waking up happy just because, no reason I just was. I like those kind of days. Sometimes life can't get better than chocolate for breakfast. (a little peanut butter added for protein).

I have friends and family that love me and a husband that is my knight in shining armor. I live in a country that is awesome, sometimes we forget the price of freedom. It is more than the taxes that we pay, it is in the individuals that swear to defend our freedom. A human life is priceless no matter what.

Today I have had wine from France and wine from Italy with two different groups of people. Both groups are so different but yet they are so much a like. I am truly blessed.

I get to spend most of the three day weekend with my hubby. It blows my mind away to know that I truly get three day weekends now. It wasn't a concept I truly understood last year but I am totally getting this year.

Yes, it looks like the word of the day is : truly.

Love you all! God Bless and good night!

1 comment:

  1. Three day weekend? It kills Chris that I have one every weekend. I didn't get the holiday off though, so no four day weekend.