Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Year

It was just a year ago when I said goodbye to my longest held job, 13 years and started working 30 hours at week as an office manager for a guitar school. I have to say it has been a great year. While I do miss several of my friends from the old job, I don't miss the lifestyle.  

Now I am much less stressed and I have almost every weekend off to enjoy with friends and family. While we did have to adjust our budget do the cut in salary, it really hasn't been tough at all.  We eat at home more often which is great. Just last night, Mr80grit made wonderful gluten free beef and broccoli. Which is one of my favorite chinsese meals. It made the whole house smell wonderful! 


Today I left the house for a morning appointment but didn't have to worry about having lunch as I have a grocery store just a few doors down from my office which I could grab a few things and eat.  Not the most healthy but it sure was good!  Especially the fruit and chocolate. Yummy!

Now I can wait to see what this next year brings to my life.  Earlier I was remembering how I felt that day that I left my old job for the last time. I was excited but nervous. I no longer feel like I am on vacation from my old job, I have taken a hold of this new life and am enjoying all the ups and downs. But now there are much more ups than downs these days!

I have been truly blessed. I have a job and boss that is great. I even get my own private guitar concerts when my teachers have nothing to do or coming in early like today. Most days I feel totally spoiled. Okay I ready for the coming year.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful job and I'm so glad that it has worked out so well!