Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Thoughts

After a year of doing whatever, mainly sleeping as long as possible until getting ready for work in a whirlwind, I have tried to structure my mornings a little bit.  I know that eventually I will add some exercise to this schedule but for now it is enough. 

I am waking up on my own about 8 am, reading whatever I want until 9 am then knitting for an hour sometimes an hour and a half. Then get ready for the day and leaving to meet my boss by 11:25 am.  This has made me feel very productive the last few days I have half made good headway on the Wedding Reflections shawl and have just the two row bind off to complete this evening.  Then I am done, except to weave in the ends and take to be blocked.  It is quite big and after the last time I blocked a shawl, I promised Mr80grit that I would have someone else do it.  Which doesn't hurt my feelings at all and keeps my back happy!

Mr80grit has made reservations for dinner on February 13th at our favorite restaurant. Mom has promised not to do anything requiring her to go to the hospital like last year.  I am so excited. Normally they don't take reservations for party sizes less than 6 but as it is Valentine's weekend they are making exceptions.

No pictures as there is no good light today as the weather has decided to remind us that it is still winter but with rain instead of snow and gray skies.  It has been a mild winter so far with very little snow in the valley which isn't good.  It doesn't really feel like winter has happening until I have walked through messy sidewalks with at least a foot of snow.  Oh well, I guess I will just have to go up in the mountains to play in the snow.

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