Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Valentine Candy

Valentine Candy has been a part of Mr80grit's and I relationship since we first dated 12 years ago. Our favorite then and now is Dove Chocolates. However now it is the dark chocolate and when we first dated it was milk chocolate. Sometimes it is the really good local chocolatier's specialties or sometimes it is just hershey kisses.

Today it is a mixed bag of snickers, m&m's and twix. I wish there was some mint patties in it but that is okay. If you can't tell already, we love chocolate. What is your favorite treat?


  1. I have so many, but I would have to say oreo cookies and butterfinger candy bars!

  2. Mmmm, chocolate has to win hands down here, too.

  3. Intersting. We don't celebrate Valentines, but my favorite treat otherwise has always been mallow creme pumpkins...yum..or candy corn...